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copy editing & proofreading

I will professionally edit and proofread your essays, books, articles, blog posts, website content, etc. in the Greek language, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and coherence in written content.

Copy editing

Grammar & Syntax Review: I ensure the grammar, spelling and sentence structures are accurate.

Structural Edit: I go through the script and reorganize the content to make it easier to read and follow.

Content Rewriting: I rewrite existing content to improve readability and flow.

Basic Fact-Checking: I check for basic factual errors.


Basic Layout: I arrange text and images on a page to create a document for print.

Advanced Layout: I offer formatting for e-book and print using Adobe InDesign. The following included: layout design, alignment, typography, color, interactivity.


Final Revision: I ensure proper formatting and page layout and correct typos that slipped through the copy edit phase.

Documents up to 2000 words | 0,020 €/word

Documents over 2000 words | 0,017 €/word

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*Please note that these are base prices for documents up to 2000 words. Final price will reflect custom requests.

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